«A viewer paid monthly payments for several months to drive a leased car, thinking he would own it at the end of the contract. At the end of the contract, he realized that in reality the car remained the property of the bank throughout the leasing period, and above all after the end of the contract. He therefore had no choice but to return the car to the bank.”

Me Jacques ROULET answers the questions in the broadcast “A bon entendeur” on RTS. »






The Federal Court overturns the sentencing of a driver after a maneuver found to be risky. The Vaud court had based its decision on images from a camera attached to the handlebars of a motorbike. Such images can only be used in cases of serious offences.






“By buying a Mercedes that was out of order, a man from Vaud was the victim of a scam that is more widespread than one might think”. The 178 code on the car’s registration card indicates that the vehicle, which is leased, cannot be sold, a fact that many buyers are unaware of.

16th of June 2020







Legally, the casino has obligations to rectify its fault. “It must in essence put the player in the situation in which they would have been if they had been informed that they were spending more money than they thought,” adds Maëlle Roulet, a specialist in new technology law.

The wronged clients are now organizing themselves, hoping to have their overdrafts completely erased.






The physicians, charged with negligent bodily harm, are relieved. The court dismisses the case, but civil proceedings are expected to follow.

“We have before us someone who has suffered for a very long time. But the criminal law is not only there to relieve pain and suffering, it must say whether it is imputable to my client. And for that, we have to analyze each act.”






As a tenant, subletting an apartment on Airbnb can be very profitable. But be aware of the laws, or else one might be fined or have their lease terminated…






A Geneva legal opinion finds that not all tools have been used to reduce the effects of the crisis. Legal action is envisaged.

“I did not act on a mandate, I wanted to look at what was provided by the law. I then realized that we had not undertaken in a timely manner what was required and what was foreseen”.







While the Swiss authorities are studying solutions to track cell phone users to combat the spread of the coronavirus, various technical and legal questions arise, particularly regarding the collection and use of data.






The cab drivers of Geneva claim to have been hit hard by the sanitary crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through their lawyer, they wrote on Friday to the federal councillor Guy Parmelin to get the Confederation to include them in its measures to support the economy.






The locality regrets that France has not taken into account  its opposition to the creation of a highway. Heavy measures could be taken  to limit boarder traffic.






The battle led by the siblings was worth it. After eight years of proceedings, a sister and her brother from Kosovo, aged 25 and 24, have been granted a B permit. The residence permit will be officially given to them by the Geneva administration on November 13, although their deportation had been ordered in 2013.






After the Drone Valley and the Health Valley, the time has come for the Trust Valley. Launched with great pomp by the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, this new ecosystem groups the universities of Lausanne and Geneva, the EPFL, the HES-SO Geneva and the Geneva Political Security Center. Its mission ? To restore digital trust. A noble intention according to Maëlle Roulet, a specialist in new technologies law (…)






The availability of a police officer in case of unexpected events must be considered as standby duty and compensated as such. Thus, the Geneva Court of Justice ruled in favor of a policewoman in her confrontation with The State. The State of Geneva can still appeal against this decision.






After the drama of Wednesday, it is rather time for appeasement in the case opposing two dubious developers and their 300 victims. A financial agreement seems to be in the making. “The concordat, new formula, should be accepted, said a lawyer on Monday at the end of a hearing at the Court of First Instance. The necessary double majority has obviously been reached.”






It’s not easy to buy a used car when one is no mechanic! How to be sure not to make a wrong choice? What details should we pay attention to? And how to sell your car yourself at a fair price?

23rd of February 2018







A listener of the talk show « On en parle » found his car damaged by one of the retractable bollards that regulate access to the old town of Geneva. About thirty similar incidents were recorded in 2017. (…).

For the lawyer Fanny Roulet, specialist of road traffic law, these bollards show a defect of signalling concerning the danger of the system.

27th of November 2017







“The current Swiss law does not settle the question. It is not formally authorized but it is not forbidden either” (…). And the list of the interrogations is long, in particular regarding a hypothetical return to life. “Under what conditions can one be awakened? Who should take the decision? And what happens to the succession ? Currently, in the event  of death everything goes the heirs”.






The Geneva police officer who was caught on speed cameras on his way to a robbery has been convicted by the Geneva courts of a serious violation of traffic regulations.

“This judgment is not satisfactory. It denies the work of the police and shows a total lack of understanding of the police’s needs to be able to do their job properly and to arrest highly dangerous criminals. It is an extremely negative message to all the police staff.







In Geneva, the Court heavily sentenced two drivers for negligent homicide, a first. Me Jacques Roulet answers the questions on the RTS’s 19h30 show.






For decades, Geneva’s police work schedules have poisoned the city, even giving headaches to specialists. The protocol agreement signed in 2010 between the State and the police unions was supposed to settle the matter. But the UPCP is contesting the way vacations are calculated and the planned working hours.

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